Zebra2 Obsidian



Obsidian :  collection of 111 patches for U-he’s Zebra2 Synth.

Dive into the darkness of Obsidian. 111 new cinematic patches for U-he’s flagship synth, Zebra 2.

In this set you are going to find a world of gritty darkness. Moody ARP’s, big Bass patches, driving Basslines, deep evil Drones, bright Keys, warping Leads, kinetic Loops and Sequences, darkly morphing pads and a selection of unearthly synth patches.

Every single patch takes advantage of Zebra’s X/Y controls for maximum sonic disruption. Play with those X/Y controls for some serious WTF reshaping and mangling.

This set is inspired by the sound palettes of IDM / electronica artists like Rival Consoles & Ital Tek and the darker industrial soundtracks of Ben Frost, Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross.

Ideal for all your dark cinematic needs. Perfect for film, game and tv composers, or those in need of some atmospheric dirt and grit.

You will need a licensed version of u-he’s Zebra 2, to use these patches.

Demos here :

Video Walkthrough here :



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